Guidelines To A Better Sleep For You And Your Child

Sleep is the utmost human requirement, but it is often the neglected and least cared about necessity of human life. Not just humans, but animals too require a good sleep to allow their bodies to function properly. But for humans, lack of sleep can lead to quite adverse affects on their health.

We all live a very hectic life in this current high-tech generation, where all our day’s chores are either devoted to work or unhealthy activities. Thus, it is quite obvious that sleep is ignored as we want to do more and more things while we are awake. It is a thoroughly established fact that adults should take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but on the contrary we sleep merely 5 to 6 hours, which causes numerous ill affects on our metabolism, leading to several ailments like; diabetes and heart diseases.

The same goes for children who on average should sleep 9 to 12 hours a day, depending upon age. However, they either sleep more, or quite less then the prescribed. Thus it is important that both you and your children follow a perfect sleeping guide, so that you don’t put yourself and your child under any risk, when it comes to health.

Sleep Regression In Babies

There are certain things to ponder over regarding you children’s sleep, especially if you have just got a new little angel at your home. These things are not just about sleep hours, but about sleep cycle as well. Babies tend to develop certain habits like the well established fact of sleep regression among babies and require appropriate look after.

New born babies are required to sleep at least 18 hours a day; this isn’t a continuous sleep as they have to wake up to for food. But when the new born reaches an age of 4 months, he tends to deviate from his sleeping pattern. As a result the baby starts to wake up more often, and you might thing that he may be asking for food, but in reality he is just trying to adjust his sleep. This is termed as 4 months sleep regression in babies and is one of the toughest tests for parents after the baby is born.

However, when the baby starts to grow right before your eyes and enters his child hood you have to understand his requirements and how can he affectively maintain a good sleep routine, so that it might benefit him when he grows old.

Sleep Apparel For Children

It is essential that you recognize the sleep related requirement of your child. He should be provided a perfect cozy environment so that he could affectively sleep during the night. Hence, you should make sure that you buy comfortable sleepwear for kids like; pajamas and nightshirts. These clothing should be of good and comfortable fabric like cotton.

A part from these necessary things you should provide to you child, it is also necessary to make sure he develops a habit of changing his clothes before sleeping. Also he should brush his teeth and empty his bladder to get a nice and comfy sleep.

But all these efforts that you are making in trying to develop healthy habits among your children should not make you neglect yourself. As if you are healthy, so will be your child; and definitely this health can only come, if you too get a complete sleep. So, here are some quick tips.

Sleeping Tips For Adults – Healthy Diet

Being an adult specially a parent is the most difficult phase of life as a lot of worries surround us through out the day regarding; work, children and the future. However, it is wisely said, “Don’t take your worries to your bed” as all you will get is sleep deprivation, which could lead to all sorts of problems.

Thus, avoid being worried while you are going to sleep, just try to be happy and content in life. However, if you still don’t find yourself sleeping then you can change your eating habits and diet for a good sleep.

A good way to do this is to avoid excessive caffeine products like; tea, coffee, chocolates and fizzy drinks. These are the biggest culprit to sleep deprivation in our lives.

You should try not to over eat during the night as this can give you a bloated feeling when on bed. Keeping this in view, also try not to take useless snacks before sleeping, instead drink a hot cup of milk but make sure you have taken dinner atleast 3 hours before your sleep. This will relax you a bit and induce sleep.