Types Of Growth Media


A growth or culture media is is used for the growth of certain microorganism for their study and research on them. The microorganism need suitable environment for them too flourish.

The different growth medium provide them those conditions but external physical factors should also be right for a microorganisms to grow. The growth medium actually provides the microorganism nutrients so that they can live.

Depending on the type of microorganism, the right type of culture medium has to be chosen, culture medium can be either liquid or solid. Solid culture media is a jelly like substance.

This jelly like substance is called “agar”. Normally such plates on which microorganism are grown are called agar plates. Here are the names of some commonly used laboratory culture medium.

1. The Preservation Culture Media
2. The Enrichment Culture Media
3. Selective Culture Media
4. Differential Culture Media
5. Resuscitation Culture Media
6. General Purpose Media
7. Isolation Culture Media
8. Fermentation Media